Caterpillar TO-4 Fluid

Performance Plus Heavy Duty TO-4 Fluids are premium quality transmission, final drive and hydraulic oils designed to deliver higher frictional characteristics as they are formulated to meet the specific frictional characteristics of Caterpillar and Allison Powershift Transmissions. These fluids extend equipment life, minimize downtime and optimize operation performance due to their advanced protection additives and characteristics which minimize wear and perform under severe operating conditions of high-temperature and heavy load.

  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • SAE 10W
  • SAE 30W
  • SAE 50W
  • Provides excellent shear stability to stay in grade providing long-term protection against equipment wear even during periods of high torque operation
  • Superior frictional characteristics eliminate excessive brake noise, vibration and clutch slippage    
  • Excellent oxidative and thermal stability prevents the formation of varnish, deposits and sludge for clean operation and extended equipment life
  • Provides anti-wear protection as well as protection against corrosion of copper and copper alloy parts
  • Gear scuffing and scoring is prevented through the use of extreme pressure additives
  • Caterpillar TO-2 and TO-4    
  • Allison C-3 and C-4    
  • MIL-PRF-2104G    

Suitable for applications where Caterpillar T0-2 and TO-4 or Allison C-3 or C-4 fluids are recommended in the following types of vehicles/equipment:

  • Construction equipment including bulldozers, front-end loaders and excavators
  • Off-road fork trucks
  • Railway and mining equipment
  • Road graders
  • Cranes
  • 5G Pail
  • 55G Drum