Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Premium full synthetic transmission fluid formulated with a unique combination of synthetic base stocks and advanced additives to ensure peak performance in the latest automatic transmissions.

  • Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability properties to prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, improving cleanliness, and extending life
  • Excellent low- and high-temperature properties to protect at cold temp start-ups and maintain viscosity at higher operating temperature        
  • Outstanding anti-wear protection to extend the life of the transmission by reducing bushing, gear and bearing wear
  • Excellent friction properties for smooth shifting and the avoidance of clutch shudder and slippage

Recommended for domestic and imported transmissions that specify the following:

  • DEXRON® VI Licensed
  • Honda Z-1
  • Honda DW-1
  • Hyundai SP-IV
  • MERCON® LV Licensed
  • Nissan Matic J
  • Nissan Matic S
  • More

For a full list of approvals, refer to Product Data Sheet    

  • 12x1 Qt. Case
  • 4x5 Qt. Case
  • 55G Drum
  • 330G Tote
  • Bulk