On behalf of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), I wish to express my gratitude for the outstanding work of your team in the hours and days following Hurricane Sandy. The record storm surge that accompanied Hurricane Sandy submerged many of our treatment plants and electrical equipment in seawater and degraded their ability to pump and treat wastewater. Ten of the City's fourteen waste water treatment plants and more than 40 sanitary sewer pumping stations were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Immediately after the storm, DEP relied heavily on outside support to bring our equipment back into service and restore our ability to treat wastewater for more than eight million New Yorkers. With your help, 99% of wastewater was treated within five days of the storm, and 100% within two weeks. Your aid in removing fuel oil and water from storage tanks at the Manhattan pumping station was instrumental in our recovery efforts. Thank you again for your exceptional support.

Title: Commisioner, New York City DEP


"Our audit reveals....your truck fleet is large enough and capable, sales and office staff experienced and the New York facility properly licensed to handle our non hazardous waste stream. We look forward to working with Enviro Waste."

Title: Purchasing Dept.


"..[Maureen] Sclafani praised the efforts of firefighters and everyone [Enviro Waste Oil] involved in containing the spill. "They all did what they had to do, and it was a phenomenal job," she said."

Title: Owner


"...... thankfully Ryan had another vac truck in the area that was able to come over to help and finish emptying the tank. I couldn't tell exactly how much was in the tank when we scheduled but once again you bailed me out and we got the job done....."

Title: Dir. of Operations


" It was important that this inspection went well and thanks to James and his team it did. He managed the clean up of both waste streams and prepared for the inspectors walk through. Sarah then had the full closure report availabe for all parties involved ahead of schedule with back up documents included....... I could not have been happier with the project."

Title: Environmental Compliance Director